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cgi-bin/  245  6 years  svn  devices.cgi: suppress warnings on output undefined values
docs/  231  7 years  svn  docs/PerlModules.txt added
lib/  244  6 years  svn  login2user: make case-insensetive
scripts/  240  7 years  svn  update_bindings: better increments
scripts-misc/  194  9 years  svn  Use ports_errors: add sql table, scripts-misc/ports-errors helper, port.cgi tabl...
README  190  9 years  svn  README: update list of supported devices
network_devices.sql  234  7 years  svn  network_segments table added
rus1251.po  219  8 years  svn  rus1251.po: fresh update
update-rus1251.mo  210  8 years  svn  Bugfix russian locale, use "ru_RU.CP1251" instead of "ru"
update-rus1251.po  44  10 years  svn  Added helpers for creation localized messsages


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